Early Ministry – As an international conference speaker, Australian-born Stuart Gramenz has equipped tens of thousands of believers with ministry skills of evangelism, signs and wonders, and church planting. In 1979 Stuart began his ministry in India as a young Christian. Led by the Spirit, he preached on the streets and from house to house, healing the sick and casting out demons.

“Jesus Heals” Crusades – Expanding his ministry work, he began to conduct ‘Jesus Heals’ Crusades through his organization, International Outreach. He continued conducting the crusades over a 10 year period in India with team members from different countries. As a result of this ministry success, Stuart wrote the first of his best selling books, “How to Heal the Sick” in 1982.

International Outreach – Tens of thousands making decisions for Christ in the crusades need follow-up discipleship by local churches. Stuart recognized the need to equip more national Indian leaders. International Outreach started a church planting college in Hyderabad. Consequently, hundreds of churches have been planted by its students.

Australia Ministry – In 1992 he returned to Australia and began planting churches and developing an equipping track that would produce the balance of Godly character and power ministry.  For over four years, he also undertook the role of a prison chaplain serving under Prison Fellowship. His apostolic ministry continues, conducting training seminars for pastors and leaders around the world.

Authoring fourteen books, three of them being national bestsellers, he continues to provide equipping material for the church. Spirit Led Academy was formed to offer international accredited courses, based on a compilation of his teachings and ministry experience.

Today – Stuart continues to bring large teams of pastors and leaders into the third world countries, planting home churches in villages, equipping them to do likewise. Spirit Led Academy is expanding to offer a digital curriculum for distance education. With electronic and internet technology, the goal of the Academy is to reach believers worldwide who are seeking ministry training.

Profile – Stuart and his wife Mary have two boys, Luke and Jesse, who also accompany him on the church planting missions.