Christian Mythbusting


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The Oxford Dictionary describes a myth as; “A widely held but false belief or idea.” Most of us would associate myths with pagan religions and their false gods.
We must remember that the Christian church went through the Dark Ages where it was largely influenced by the Pagan Church. Over the centuries various pagan practices and teachings such as “saved by works and not by grace” have been identified and rectified.
Is it just possible that there are still some basic gospel teachings in the church which are in fact myths?
Stuart exposes some foundational weaknesses which have led to further counterfeit teachings.
He believes these teachings are restricting the church from reaching its destiny of doing the works of Jesus and greater things.
Readers will be astounded yet grateful to see these myths exposed and have their thinking renewed by the truth in the Scriptures.
Stuart deals with:
  • The false teaching of eternal life
  • The omissions in the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • The “Name it and claim it” counterfeits
  • The Prosperity Gospel
  • End –time rapture and myths
  • Faith Manipulation