Grace Discrimination


“Grace” means undeserved favor and requires forgiving someone and letting go of

resentment and thoughts of revenge. Unfortunately, many discriminate in regard

to grace.

We can forgive some … but not forgive others.

Unforgiveness is a less recognized form of discrimination; nevertheless, it has gone

viral and there is a worldwide epidemic.

Christians are supposed to be leading lights in this arena. However, despite

knowing better, many find themselves unable to forgive unconditionally.

Why is it that in some cases, we seem to be able to forgive offenders and in other

situations, we find it a burden?

Stuart also discusses;

  • The origin of  unforgiveness
  • The physical and mental outcomes for those who don’t forgive
  • Can unforgiveness lead to a loss of our salvation?
  • How to forgive with no strings attached
  • The secret of forgiving from the heart, not the head


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