Up Close and Personal With Jesus




Many Christians are aware of the following Scriptures…….. the sheep follow him for they know his voice and
My sheep hear My voice…. John 10:4 -27
Obviously the Lord can “speak” to us as we read our Bibles, however we are talking here about a different level of communication.  Hearing His voice actually means receiving direct personal revelation, encouragement and guidance.
This is how Jesus received His direction and it was the reason He was so successful.
Although there are those who attempt to hear directly from Him, there can remain concerns.
The thoughts, “Is it really the Lord, the devil or am I just speaking to myself?” can be a deterrent to many.
The material helps to provide spiritual discernment, enabling you to overcome the fear or doubts that inevitably arise.
It contains insightful teaching as well as 40 daily 10 minute activation exercises.
This will help equip you to be able to know his voice and lead a Spirit led life.