Know Greater Love


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Governments, modern science and education are supposedly civilising and refining society.

Many presume that, under their expertise we have developed from apes into a cultured, enriched and thriving society and in some instances this is so.

However, is humanity growing in matters of the heart, or are we in general disintegrating into a compassionless and self-centred society?

Most would agree that our communities are enhanced with advances in areas such as infrastructure, science, technology etc. Let’s call these “the externals” of life.

Nevertheless, are the “internals”, the issues of the heart, also equally enhanced.

We are each wired with two basic needs … to love and be loved.

Receiving love and the corresponding ability to love others, provides the ultimate, fulfillment of our hearts.

The Beatles and many other pop singers have identified the need in their own lives with song titles such as “All You Need is Love’. The theory is great, but is the giving and receiving of love simply a grand ideal or is it an achievable reality?

Stuart invites you to take a look at how to turn the improbable into the possible.