Partners in His Power E-Book




There is a great need among believers for a resurgence of the Gifts of the Spirit. Stuart explains why the church in general doesn’t exhibit the level of power demonstrated by the early disciples.

In many cases the few Gifts that are in operation have been confined to believers at church gatherings. Even then they usually operate through a handful of people, while the majority remain arm chair spectators.

On the other hand, our role model Jesus, prophesied, provided work of knowledge, gifts and healing and worked miracles outside of the temple walls. It was part of his lifestyle. He ells us every believer can do what He did. John 14:12

This book is designed to be used in conjunction with the Equippers Manual, which contains many easy to follow Activation Exercises. Together they provide tried and tested instruction, enabling believers to become Jesus imitators ant take His love and power beyond the church walls.